Creating a Self Signed SSL for Local Development with Vagrant / NGINX

Okay, so I’ve been looking at a way of creating a local self signed SSL so I can test out some scheme work I’ve been doing with secure services and came across a few conflicting bits and pieces on the internet about the best way to do this. Here’s the method that I used and it works well for me…

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Automatic Host Routing using NGINX and Vagrant on OS X


Okay, so when I was running a LAMP stack in the early days of development, one of my biggest gripes was creating VHOSTS every time I wanted to test a new framework, or develop a new app etc. I know it’s not a massive chore, but it’s enough of a chore for me to think twice about testing something.

When I moved to NGINX things were pretty much the same – which annoyed me even more. I thought “there must be a better and easier way of doing this!” and there is…

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Creating an Aerospike Vagrant Cluster for Development


After a lot of looking around and what not trying to set up a local Vagrant Aerospike Cluster for testing, I decided to just crack on and do it myself – so I thought I’d share the methodology here in case anyone else is looking for the same set up…

All this was done on OS X (El Capitan) – I’m pretty sure most of it would transfer to another OS as there’s nothing Mac specific involved but as I haven’t tested it, you may need to tweak a few things.

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